Answers to Common Questions About Sewer Video Inspection Services

What Every Homeowner Should Know About Sewer Video Inspections

Sewer video inspection is fairly common in routine plumbing operations. Plumbing businesses, big and small, utilize this relatively new technology for everything from leak detection to pipe material identification. While this service can save homeowners money by catching issues before they get out of hand, it’s not appropriate for all the average home's plumbing problems. This is why it’s important for homeowners to know the basics of sewer video inspections. This post will discuss sewer camera inspection services and their benefits.  

What Is Sewer Video Inspection?

cameraSewer camera inspection entails inserting a tiny camera into the sewer line to identify potential causes of plumbing issues within a household. These cameras, affixed to pliable cables, can easily navigate through pipes to see what would otherwise be impossible for plumbers to see. They feature bright lights and a clear view of the plumbing's inner workings, transmitting live footage to an external monitor that plumbing professionals can analyze.

These camera inspections can be conducted in the sewer line connecting a residence to the municipal sewer system on the street. They can also be used in households that have septic systems. Additionally, they are suitable for examining the interiors of residential pipes leading to the main sewer line.

When Can Sewer Camera Inspection Help?

While sewer video inspections aren’t necessary for every plumbing problem, they are often used during the diagnosing process. In some scenarios, these inspections serve as an initial diagnostic tool to determine the problem. In others, they act as a way to verify an issue or check the pipes' condition so the plumber can provide the homeowner with accurate quotes to fix the problem. However, there are some specific signs homeowners should look out for that could benefit from a sewer video inspection.

A persistent, difficult-to-clear blockage may necessitate a sewer camera evaluation. When a singular drain experiences blockage, a camera might be used to see the obstruction directly and determine what caused it to figure out the best solution. Conversely, if all household drains exhibit slow draining or complete halting, it often signifies an issue with the main sewer line, making a video inspection of that line imperative. More telltale indicators of sewer line complications include uneven lawn growth, a sewage smell, and damp patches on the lawn. 

How Can Homeowners Benefit From Sewer Video Inspection?

clogThe main benefits of sewer video inspection services are convenience and cost savings for homeowners. The ability to identify plumbing problems without resorting to invasive methods like digging up the lawn to access the sewer line helps to keep costs down. Before these sewer inspection cameras were widespread, plumbing professionals relied on educated guesses and digging to determine the location of sewer line leaks and issues, often requiring multiple excavations before isolating the problem. Thanks to modern technology, plumbers now have access to sewer inspection cameras equipped with transmitters, enabling precise problem location. Additionally, such cameras can detect intrusions, like tree roots, that may have penetrated the piping system.

A sewer video inspection also gives homeowners insights into the overall condition of their piping. They can help ascertain the type of piping in place, detect potential corrosion and damage, and alert homeowners to the need for drain cleaning, sewer line repair, or replacement. Ultimately, sewer video inspection can help homeowners stay on top of plumbing issues. If a problem does occur, it can allow the plumber to work fast and efficiently to remedy the situation, saving the homeowner time and money. 

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