How to Relax at Home This Valentine's Day Weekend

Make a Bathroom an Oasis

An at-home spa retreat is an option for almost any bathroom. Bathroom remodeling can be done, or fixtures like a new showerhead or bathtub can be added to a bathroom to make it a relaxing oasis. This blog will share self-care tips for creating a luxurious and soothing atmosphere in the bathroom. Whether it’s a new clawfoot bathtub or colorful LED lights, these improvements can help people fully relax in the comfort of their homes.

The Benefits of Baths

bathHaving a bathtub and warm baths have several mental and physical health benefits. And unlike showers, baths have the bonus of “extras.” Bath beads, bath salts, and essential oils are all designed to enhance the relaxation experience of a warm bath.

Most people spend more time in the bathtub than in the shower. When aromatherapy is used in conjunction with warm water, this can ease tension and stiff muscles. Involving the senses through scent, temperature, and lighting are all effective ways to relax. 

Taking a bath can benefit your physical and mental health in many ways. It helps improve circulation, lowers blood pressure, and promotes better sleep. It also reduces stress, relaxes tense muscles, and can even relieve aches and pains. A hot bath or shower can also help loosen up mucus and alleviate lung congestion. Soaking in a warm bath also helps improve skin tone, relieve dry and itchy skin, reduce inflammation, and even treat skin conditions like eczema.

Color Therapy

Adding color to the bathroom is another way to engage the senses and affect mood. Depending on the bathroom, this can be done in a few different ways. Colorful LED lights may be installed in existing bathtubs or the bathroom. This will light up the water in the tub or the room with whatever color a homeowner chooses. Cool colors like blue and green can help relax the body while soaking in warm water, while colors like red can stimulate and energize. 

Vanity lights can also improve bathtime if they aren’t too bright. Colored vanity lights usually have lower wattage than pure white bulbs. Since not all vanity lights are designed for easy bulb changes, new lights can be installed above the mirror. A strip of vanity lights can be added without purchasing another cabinet fixture or mirror.

Rain Shower Heads

showerA rain showerhead is another spa-like fixture that can be installed directly into the ceiling or replace an existing showerhead. The face of the shower head is usually much larger than traditional showerheads and uses gentle pressure for relaxation. Since the rain shower has a wider diameter, household members can stay warmer with full-body coverage. Some people refer to this type of shower as a “couples shower” because there is ample room for two.

Not all rain showers are alike. Some showerheads come with built-in LED lights or Bluetooth speakers. This allows people to further the relaxing experience in the bathroom by listening to music, podcasts, or even guided meditations. If plumbing fixtures need to be installed, a plumbing contractor will know how to safely install them so homeowners can focus on their new bathroom oasis.

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