National Wellness Month: How to Stay Safe From Gas Leaks

Identifying a Natural Gas Leak

Gas leaks are both dangerous and challenging to detect as they are invisible. They are frequently considered a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, there are ways to quickly and successfully identify a gas leak before it wreaks havoc. This blog will share signs indicating a gas leak, how homeowners should respond, and how professionals address them. 

Gas Leak Symptoms

leakGas leaks have a distinctive smell that can alert people to their presence in a home. While natural gas is odorless, utility companies add another gas called mercaptan to it, which has a terrible odor that smells like rotten eggs or sewage, allowing the smell to be a sign of a gas leak. Another sign of a gas leak is rising gas bills. Even small gas leaks can cause a spike in gas bills, so monitoring them on a monthly basis will give homeowners a sense of what is normal for their monthly gas usage and when it is higher than usual. 

Physical symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, trouble breathing, nausea, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat can also occur due to a gas leak. Pets may also suffer physical symptoms. If an underground pipe has a gas leak, air bubbles can form outside the house. This can be seen in puddles of standing water or mud. Calling a professional at the first sign of a gas leak is crucial for health and safety. 

What to Do About a Gas Leak

Once homeowners notice signs of a gas leak, they must immediately leave their homes. Evacuating everyone from the house and getting at a safe distance is essential. Even if they suspect the leak is minor, it can still harm the entire household and put them at risk, and if a gas leak ignites, this can cause an explosion. 

It is crucial not to touch any light switches or use any electronics or anything with a flame while exiting the home. The gas is highly flammable and can cause extreme damage to the house and those still in it. Homeowners are also advised to leave windows and doors open so that some natural gas can escape. The local gas company and a plumbing company that does gas leak repair must be called immediately once everyone in the household is safely away from the property. Homeowners should never try to find or fix the leak on their own.

Gas Leak Repair

leakWhen trained plumbers come to a home to fix a gas leak, they will first shut off the gas and then locate the leak. They have specialized equipment and methods that can help them accurately determine where the leak is coming from to ensure it is properly fixed, such as pressurizing the gas line with air or using a gas leak detector

Once located, the plumber can repair the gas line using epoxy to seal the leaks or replace the line. After the gas line repair is complete, they will test the line to ensure the leak is fixed and there aren’t more. For safety reasons, homeowners should not try these gas leak repairs on their own. 

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